Desetra | Pārdodam, sertificēti apkalpojam, remontējam Rīgas Dīzeļa DG dīzeļģeneratorus, DEUTZ AG un KOHLER dzinējus un pārdodam rezerves daļas
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About us

Company has been founded in 2004 on the base of mother company “RIGAS DIZELIS DG”(founded in 1949) department, through creation of independent company with the aim to improve quality and broaden service.

„DESETRA” delivers produced by SIA “RĪGAS DĪZELIS DG” diesel aggregates in Baltic region, makes installation and service. „DESETRA” is authorised service representative of some famous European brand engines (Deutz AG, Lombardini, KOHLER), delivers engines, genuine spare parts and provides professional repair (including major overhaul). Producer’s warranty is maintained.  Factory trained, experienced, qualified and certified personnel.

Factory has been certified and approved to the Quality Management System standard ISO 9001:2008 by DNV-GL.


Genuine DEUTZ engine oils are used on the test benches for the development of DEUTZ engines. There can be no better guarantee of the suitability of these oils for application in DEUTZ engines, giving the user maximum operating safety. The use of DEUTZ oils as a genuine part is a major advantage on case of warranty claim. That is why we recommend the use of DEUTZ oils only, for all DEUTZ engines.

The DEUTZ Oil product portfolio exceeds all requirements and always presents optimal choice for maximum safety in operation in all applications.

  • high choice of viscosity for all climate conditions
  • DQC quality-classes for all imaginable engine application and load
  • open and closed crankcase ventilation
  • NEW!!! Lube oil for engines with exhaust-after-treatment systems !!!NEW



  • High level of protection against wear and corrosion, even when using diesel fuels with high sulphur content
  • Guaranteed protection against deposits, sludge and sticking
  • Outstanding thermal stability on the basis of low-volatility base oils
  • Extremely low oil and fuel consumption
  • Reduced cold-wear behaviour and fast engine permeation
  • Protects the sensitive exhaust-after-treatment components, e.g. diesel particulate filter and SCR-catalyst
  • Oil service life can be prolonged and optimised by applying the DEUTZ Oil  Diagnosis System

You can find further information as download:

  • Technical Circular Lubricants
  • Flyer DEUTZ Oil DQC 4-5W30-UHP
  • Flyer DEUTZ Oil TLS-15 W 40D
  • Flyer DEUTZ Oil TLX-10 W 40FE
  • Flyer DEUTZ Oil Rodon 10W40 low SAPS


Deutz cooling liquids

 You can find further information as download:


Deutz fuel additives

You can find further information as download:




+371 67381502;

+371 29285956

Deutz representative: +371 29279088
Fax: +371 67381584

Ganību dambis 36

Riga, Latvija